The ADAPT Foundations program

Supporting you to build the solid foundations of a resilient business. Using the ADAPT Framework, personalised coaching and our platform, you and your leadership team will work on, not just in, your business.


The 18-month ADAPT Foundations program embeds the ADAPT Framework into your business and builds the habits required to ensure your business is resilient now and can grow sustainably in the future.

Building a successful business is hard work. It can also be incredibly rewarding. We understand the many challenges that you face as an owner, and we have a proven approach to support you.

The ADAPT Foundations program is a comprehensive process for building a resilient business aligned with your aspirations and personal goals. We combine the ADAPT Framework with personalised coaching and our unique data platform to guide you.

The ADAPT Foundations program answers seven key questions:
Why do you exist?
Who needs to do what?
How do you behave?
How will you succeed?
Where are you going?
What’s important now?
What do you do – and what DON’T you do?
An 18-month program that builds strong foundations within your business

The ADAPT Foundations program focuses on building and embedding the business habits required to ensure your business is successful now and can grow sustainably and allow for your succession in the future.

The program has a proven process that starts with an investigation into where your business is today, and where you can begin to make improvements for your future.

Stay on track with the support of an experienced coach

As part of your ADAPT journey, you will work closely with a dedicated and experienced coach that brings the ADAPT Framework to life in your business. You coach becomes your trusted guide and a member of your team, remaining by your side for the entire journey and beyond to support you to achieve your business vision.

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Capture your strategy and measure your progress with our online platform

The ADAPT Foundations program includes access to our unique online platform. The ADAPT platform was developed specifically to embed the ADAPT Framework into your day-to-day business. It enables your entire team to come on the ADAPT journey and capture the data that you need to keep your strategy on track, align the organisation, and make great decisions.

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