The ADAPT Framework
Empowering SME owners to achieve their vision and escape the day-to-day chaos of running a business.

The ADAPT Framework builds capability in the four key zones of business: Healthy Culture, Organisation Design, Economic Engine and Financial Security. To strengthen the four zones of your business, our coaches work with you to implement capabilities within your organisation to build resilience.

Bring the ADAPT Framework to life in your business with the ADAPT Way Foundations Program.

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Organisational Design

But there is a ‘recipe’ to design your business to achieve this; agreement on the organisation functions, the key processes and the teams and roles that make that work happen. Organisation Design allows you to capture all of the knowledge and learning from years of experience and ensure consistency and efficiencies.

Economic Engine

As well as the right people, you need a solid business strategy that you not just create, but execute! A cadence to keep the strategy on track and agreement that the strategy needs to be agile and adaptable. Without a robust Economic Engine, you won’t be successful. You need to clearly articulate what you do, but also what DON’T do. A lens you can put every opportunity through to create laser focus.

Healthy Culture

A solid foundation starts with a Healthy Culture; a conscious focus on the leadership, people and culture of an organisation. Recruiting people that align with your purpose, vision and values and mentoring the leaders of tomorrow from within. You can’t build resilience in other areas of the business unless you have the right people on the journey. As an owner, you need buddies; an aligned leadership team that support each other to achieve results!

Financial Security

Lastly is Financial Security; an essential part of your entire business system. While we are not financial advisors, we work with you to determine what the critical numbers for your business are and how these relate to the rest of your organisation system.

The Framework Story

“Our ADAPT journey began in 2013; a vision to support business owners with the many challenges and obstacles they face. We were passionate from the start of viewing businesses as a system and using a data-driven approach to decision making. But we didn’t just want to give owners advice; we wanted a way to make that advice stick. We used our technology background to build a platform to capture data about every aspect of their business; improving transparency and accountability now and into the future.

We released our first version of the platform in 2014. Our method was complex! Over the last six years, we have gone on a journey to refine the ADAPT Way; listening to feedback from our customers and coaches. The ADAPT Framework is the result of our learning.”

– Bill Withers, Founder ADAPT by Design

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