We help you implement a
successful succession plan

Create and execute a successful succession plan for your business with guidance from ADAPT’s expert practitioners and unique execution platform.

Have you been thinking about succession but not sure where to begin?

When you have spent years building a successful business, watching it grow and evolve, spending every day with a team that feels like family – creating a succession plan that is right for you and all of your stakeholders can be a complicated and daunting process. Where do you start? What plan will guarantee continued growth? Who is the right person to take over?

Often there is no logical succession plan in place so founders remain ingrained in their business day-to-day activities until succession is forced or business performance suffers. Have you got the organisational structure in place today to support effective succession? Are your potential successors driven by the same values and motivators as you? Can your business continue to grown and flourish without you?

How we help

ADAPT takes a unique approach to succession by working closely with you to develop the plan that is right for you and then guiding you through the execution process. Through working with one of our expert practitioners, we can get to know your business intimately as well as your professional and personal goals to help you develop your succession plan. We then assist you roll out the plan company-wide using tailored consulting and our sense making system, that guides your entire team through the process of effective succession and continued growth.

Succession planning is a well-known term in the business world, but its definition often has a limited focus. It tends to look at the succession of a person, specific roles or share capital.

By viewing your organisation as a complex system, you consider the succession of its many parts with a holistic mindset. How will a change you make in one area affect another, and the organisation as a whole?.

The ADAPT Method

Our Method was created through decades of experience working with SME’s on what has the most impact on your culture, organisation design, revenue stream, finance and ownership. You and your business are guided through the ADAPT Method by your dedicated Practitioner, who works closely with you to achieve your objectives.

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Sense-making system

Our unique, web-based platform enables everyone in your organisation to come on the ADAPT journey and provides the framework and tools to implement each capability. The system is the ‘core truth’ that aligns everyone to your purpose and vision.

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Our purpose is to help founders and leaders build resilient businesses.

ADAPT was founded on the discoveries made over 22 years building a software technology company called acQuire. During this time we began to truly appreciate the challenges and opportunities many founders face throughout the life of their business. We went on a journey to find a method and tools to support us looking at our business as one system, not a series of departments working in isolation, and discovered little in the marketplace that had this holistic approach.

ADAPT was created to provide just that. Using the knowledge from expert Practitioners, a tried and tested method and a truly unique technology platform, ADAPT offers businesses not only the why, but also the how,  to help ensure organisational resilience.

We embody the ADAPT principles in our work every day and are always on a mission to improve and adapt our approach as we too, learn what ‘sticks’ and what provides a positive impact for our customers.

"Since starting our ADAPT journey, we have much greater clarity of our direction. We have been able to capture knowledge and processes on ONE platform, helping to engage and align the team. After only 18 months we have undertaken the most significant transfer of decision rights and ownership in our 40-year history."

Dean GilkisonGilkison Investments

Start your journey with ADAPT

The process to begin effective succession with ADAPT alongside you begins with an Organisational Review.

The Organisational Review is a process involves your and one of our practitioners working closely together to discover what ideal succession looks like for you and then how to implement it within your organisation.

The Organisational Review examines facets like healthy culture, organisational design, economic engine and financial security and ownership.

To schedule your Organisational Review or just chat to one of our practitioners about your business get in touch today. 

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