A Forum Group just for you – SME Owners


An abundance of research shows individuals learn from social interaction and collaboration with others – the power of peer groups and mentoring.

We have been running our Co-Innovation Dinners since 2019, but we always knew we wanted to provide something more structured and feel this is the right time.

We are passionate about bringing together Owners of customers on the ADAPT journey, and the idea with the SME Hub is to provide a safe space for like-minded SME Owners to share, learn and grow into better leaders.

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Expression of Interest

We invite you to express your interest in joining the SME Hub Forum Group.

While there are many Forum Groups people can join in Perth, SME owners’ needs drive this one.

The Forum Hub is a part of our product offering. There is no additional charge to be a member.

The session topics and relationships built in the group add real value to each Owner. They are less about networking than creating a supportive space for Owners to discuss their challenges with a Facilitator’s help.


Topics of discussion are guided by the members and may include (in NO particular order):

  • Remuneration frameworks
  • Marketing for small business
  • Strategy and risk
  • Applying for grants
  • Project management
  • Reward and recognition
  • Financial acumen
  • Recruiting and exiting using values
  • Position descriptions
  • Writing great OKRs

Topics for discussion will be facilitated by the Forum Facilitator, a Coach in our network with a particular skill set, or by a subject matter expert.

Guidelines and Expectations

Each Forum Group would be a maximum of eight participants plus a Facilitator. The Facilitator is an accredited, experienced ADAPT Resilient Business Coach and stays with your Forum Group.

Two people from the same business cannot be a member of the same Forum Group.

Each Forum Group will manage their meeting times to suit their schedules, with a half-day meeting scheduled for every quarter. Members commit to attending four events per year. We will assist with managing the space.

Forum Group members are bound by confidentiality and encouraged to speak freely and workshop concerns with like-minded leaders. They can discuss challenges and concerns and to celebrate successes.

Forum Groups are a platform to learn from peers and drive positive change across areas of concern. Members, who have had similar experiences, offer their insights while being guided by a professional group Facilitator.

Expression of interest

If joining a Forum Group interests you, please complete the  Expression of Interest form. Alternatively, call Renae on 0423 228 970.

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