Dom Sheldrick

Dom Sheldrick is passionate about helping people maximise their potential. He’s driven by helping others to succeed. He has spent the last 22 years facilitating the growth of individuals, teams and organisations by engaging with them to build upon their strengths and identify and challenge themselves in their areas of development.

Dom’s journey towards becoming a business coach stems from his career as an elite athlete where he experienced both the highs of attaining his goal of representing his country but also the challenges of missing Olympic selection. His subsequent battle with Leukaemia interrupted his swimming for two years during his prime.

While his experiences as a swimmer are integral to his approach to performance and coaching, it was the impact of his battle with Leukaemia and return to competitive swimming that most equips Dom as a Resilient Business Coach.

Given Dom’s experiences and his genuine and authentic approach, he’s able to empathise with the huge challenges (not only to our intellect but also to our ego and sense of self) and to help business leaders and teams develop a sustainable approach to business success.

Throughout his 22 year career, Dom has maintained long term relationships with organisations. He consistently receives outstanding feedback for his ability to create an environment of safety through which individuals and teams can explore and grow.

Specialties Individual Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Leadership development, Perth, Team Development