Data Platform

ADAPT’s unique data platform provides the framework and tools to capture data specific to your business and your people.


We couldn’t find a system to execute powerful, company-wide strategy… so we built one. The ADAPT data platform is designed to be the ‘core truth’ of your business.

Our platform was developed specifically to implement the ADAPT Framework. It enables your entire team to come on the ADAPT journey and captures the data designed to keep everyone on the same page and align them with your purpose and vision.

Build a Healthy Culture
  • Capture your purpose, vision and values
  • Build resilient teams
  • Align your people
  • Capture guided career valuations
  • Measure employee engagement
Capture Organisational Design
  • Document your Organisation Functions
  • Define your core processes
  • Manage your work
  • Generate dynamic role descriptions
  • Innovate and improve your business
Manage your Economic Engine
  • Define, communicate and implement your strategy
  • Define your process to deliver value to your customers
  • Manage your stakeholders
  • Capture feedback
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