Data Platform

ADAPT’s unique data platform provides the framework and tools to build capabilities in your business that stick!


We couldn’t find a system to execute powerful, company-wide strategy… so we built one. The ADAPT data platform is designed to be the ‘core truth’ of your business.

Our platform was developed specifically to implement the ADAPT method. It enables your entire team to come on the ADAPT journey and captures the data designed to keep everyone on the same page and align them with your purpose and vision.

Build a Healthy Culture
  • Capture your purpose, vision and values
  • Define objectives
  • Build resilient teams
  • Record regular catch ups with your peers
  • Capture guided career valuations
  • Record cultural indexes across the organisation
  • Capture and progress Kanban items
Capture Organisational Design
  • Design team architecture and role accountability
  • Generate dynamic role descriptions
  • Export processes and tasks to Excel, Trello and Asana
Manage your Economic Engine
  • Capture dynamic business models
  • Document stakeholders and product sets
  • Design the flow of tasks

We help SME founders

Getting the Foundations in place

Whether you have been in business for one year or ten years, you need to have solid foundations in place to allow for successful growth or succession. The ADAPT Way Foundations process focuses on building and embedding the business habits required to ensure your business is successful now and can grow sustainably and allow for your succession in the future.

By implementing the ADAPT Way, you have the support to face the many challenges of owning and running a business.