Organisation Review

Your strengths, your opportunities and a clear plan towards success.

See your entire organisation through the lens of the leaders and the employees.

So many business owners and founders are looking to achieve growth and begin succession – but have no idea where to start. Our Organisational Review assists with identifying where your strengths lie and where there is room to grow with the help of one of our coaches and the ADAPT method.

After completing an Organisation Review you can expect to have a detailed review of how your business is performing from the eyes of the leaders and employees, as well as a comprehensive plan on how to address any issues on your way to business resilience. Think of it as an audit of your businesses most important facets – the ones that will make the biggest contribution in the future.

Our Resilient Business Coaches

Our business coaches have decades of experience working with SME’s on what has the most impact on culture, organisation design, your economic engine, finance and ownership. You and your business are guiding through the ADAPT method by your dedicated coach, who works closely with you to achieve your objectives.

Bill Withers


Bill's passion is in organisational resilience and in 2013 he founded ADAPT by Design. Based on Bill's experience in the building of a software company called acQuire, he has empathy for entrepreneurs and the need for a total systems approach to building their business.

Suzanne McGrechan

Suzanne has over 22 years’ experience owning and managing her own businesses. She has the knowledge and proven success in developing people and culture supported by effective systems and processes.

David Stephen

Dave is a Chartered Accountant with 35 years’ experience. He has a special interest in forecasting, ownership and international business having been involved in setting up businesses in Asia, Africa, Europe and both North and South America.

Zoe Finlay-Jones

Zoe founded a successful manufacturing business in Sydney for 16 years before selling and moving back to hometown Perth. Her passion is working directly with founders to systemise their business in a way that supports a healthy culture and gets the founder working ON their business not IN it.

Tadhg MacCarthy

Tadhg has a keen interest in the intersection of people, process & technology. He envisions how the ADAPT method can have as positive an impact for organisations as collaborative agile methods do for technical teams.

Gillian Bester

Gillian has 18 years’ experience working with a wide range of businesses to help them solve problems using business improvement, change management, facilitation and training tools. She trained as a zoologist and worked as a journalist and editor before setting up her own consulting business. She enjoys collaborating with diverse teams to create value and having fun along the way.
The ADAPT Method


The ADAPT method has been developed through experience working with SME’s to build resilient organisations. Our business coaches use this method to help you build a truly resilient organisation from the inside out.

As part of our Organisational Review, we assess four key areas of your business and then work with you on a plan to implement the capabilities you need.

Healthy Culture

Can people bring their whole self to work?
Do all members walk the talk and are their behaviours aligned to the values?
Are key objectives clearly communicated?

Organisation Design

Is workflow well documented?
Is knowledge and information captured and shared?
Are all employees able to input into how they do their role?
Are people and teams encouraged to innovate and look for improvement in what and how they perform their work?

Economic Engine

Do you have a process for stakeholder management?
Is there a robust sales and marketing approach?
Do you have a process for customer feedback?

Financial Security and Ownership

Do you have sound financial management?
Do you have robust cash-flow and P&L forecasting?
Is there a healthy capital position/security?
Are key financial indicators understood and communicated to all?

We help SME founders

Start your journey with ADAPT

The process to begin your journey with ADAPT starts by getting in touch about an Organisational Review, an assessment of your entire organisation through the lens of the leaders and the employees. We provide our findings on where your strengths lie, and where there is room to grow with the help of one of our coaches.