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Start 2021 off on the right foot and find out what is working in your business and what you need to work on.

We have limited spots for a Perth based SME to do a complete review of their business, with no obligation to continue with the program once the review process is complete. Usually charged at $8,000, we are offering this service for free to assist our Coach Partners who are undertaking training from the 15th Feb.

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What’s in it for you?

The Organisational Review assesses where your business is at, by doing an independent measurement which gives you a realistic evaluation of what’s working and what needs work!

We collect data using surveys and face-to-face interviews. The objective is to develop insights and intelligence about your business so that you can strengthen your business foundations.

We then provide advice on what to start working on now to transform your business, starting with the Leadership Team.

We start by understanding your frustrations as the owner, getting clear on your aspirations for the business and measuring your effectiveness as a leader.

If there is more than one owner, we assess how aligned you are in your aspirations.

Next, we look at the effectiveness of the leadership team and the leadership practices in the business.

Lastly, we collect qualitative and quantitative data across the whole company to assess the level of resilience.

Once we have all the data, we present the results and recommendations in an interactive workshop with the Leadership Team.

Time commitment

To execute the Organisational Review and workshop the results takes approximately one month.

There is no ongoing commitment – we are positive you will gain a huge amount of insight into your business and moving forward is completely up to you.

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Want to start 2021 off on the right foot and find out what is working in your business and what you need to work on?

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