The ADAPT meet-and-greet is an obligation-free session between you and one of our ADAPT coaches so that we can get to know each other a bit more and you can explore whether the ADAPT Way Foundations program is right for you.

In the meet-and-greet session, we will:

  • Learn a bit more about you, your business, your vision and your strengths.
  • Tell you a bit more about us, our founder’s story, our vision and our framework.
  • Tell you a bit more about us as a coach and how our experience will benefit you.
  • Walk you through the ADAPT Way Foundations Program, especially our next step: the Organisation Review.
  • Leave it with you to think over!


Is the meet-and-greet session free?

Yes, the meet-and-greet session is free, with no obligation. It enables us to explore together, how the ADAPT framework and foundations program may impact your business.

How long is the meet-and-greet session?

The meet-and-greet session goes for approximately 90 minutes.

Who should attend the meet-and-greet with me?

Anybody or nobody. We recommend you bring your leadership team with you, so everyone has the opportunity to go on the ADAPT journey from the very beginning.

Who will my coach be?

When you contact us to book in a meet-and-greet session, we will have a look at your business, and pair you up with the right coach. Each ADAPT coach has different experience across a wide range of industries, and we want to pair you with a coach that can offer the most amount of value to your specific business.

Do I need to bring anything or prepare anything?

Not at all; this is a high-level conversation about your business and how we might be able to support you to reach your vision.

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Want to know more about the ADAPT Foundations process and the ADAPT Framework?

Book a 90-minute meet-and-greet with one of our accredited coaches and discover exactly how we can support you to build a truly resilient business.

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