Interested in becoming an ADAPT coach?

We are looking for experienced coaches who are passionate about guiding customers through the ADAPT Way Foundations Program, using training, coaching and facilitating skills to help them build a resilient business.

We are looking for ADAPT Coach partners passionate about supporting business owners to be successful.


  • Personable; ability to develop rapport and build trust with a range of different personality types.
  • Courageous; being prepared to offer feedback and ask the tough questions and hold people to account for unproductive behaviours.
  • Curious; ask great questions and lead people to self-discover rather-than be a ‘teller’.
  • Reliable; do what you say you are going to do.
  • Compassionate; have empathy and concern for customers.
  • Strategic; systems thinkers with a long-term approach.
  • Enjoy working with people and supporting the success of others.
  • Great values fit with ADAPT by Design.


  • Coaching; able to work in partnership with customers to discover, diagnose, design and deliver a solution to their business needs – ideally holding ICF accreditation or other recognised training in this area.
  • Facilitation; experienced facilitators who are able to design a process and help a group think and come to an agreement on a variety of issues. Able to manage group dynamics and keep a group on task.
  • Training; understand adult learning principles and have the skills and experience to run targeted and productive training sessions.
  • Business Development; able to attract and nurture your own customers.
  • Personality profiling tool; able to use a recognised tool to help people understand their own strengths/weaknesses as well as others; ideally DiSC.
  • Small business experience; have experience owning and/or leading a small-to-medium-sized business or working closely with them as a consultant, coach, trainer or facilitator.

If you are interested in becoming an ADAPT Resilient Business coach and joining our coaching community, please contact the ADAPT team to arrange a time for us to get to know each other.