ADAPT for Organisations

Our cloud-based platform ADAPT enables everyone in your organisation to come on the ADAPT journey and provides the framework and tools to implement each ADAPT capability.

Establishing effective leadership with

Meeting Stewardship

Meeting Stewardship is a project management approach to the implementation of ADAPT’s capabilities.

This feature enables you to create meetings and record all notes, actions and decisions. Actions are then displayed on a Kanban board so you can track their progress.

Ask yourself

How many actions do I have in the pipeline?
What Initiatives are we implementing?
What decisions did we make in our last meeting?

Establish effective leadership with

Defined Guiding Philosophy, Purpose and Values

The unity of a guiding philosophy, purpose and values constitution provides stakeholders with a clear direction of the organisation. Making them transparent to all stakeholders by recording them in the ADAPT platform ensures trust and collaboration.

Ask yourself

Are you aligned with the organisation’s Guiding Philosophy and Purpose?
Is it clear what direction the organisation is taking?

Embed your culture with

My career valuation

Considering what you truly value can help you identify how aligned you are with your organisation. The ADAPT platform allows employees to record their ideal and their actual scores across seven categories, including professional, cultural and personal fit.

Leaders are able to identify what people value and where to focus their energy for the greatest impact

ask yourself

What do you value in your ideal situation?
In what areas does your current role differ from your ideal?
How aligned are you?

embed your culture with

My cultural index

The state of a person’s happiness in an organisation is variable and dependent on many events in life. Understanding this reality is critical to building a culture.

The ADAPT platform allows employees to capture their happiness in their job over time. Leaders can view these Cultural Indexes across the organisation so they can provide better support to their employees.

ask yourself

Am I happy in my role?
What issues am I currently facing?
Is my happiness increasing or decreasing?

Engage your people with

Speed Catch Ups

The Speed Catch Up is all about feedback. A break down in relationships in a team effects productivity and happiness.

This feature provides a framework for ongoing dialogue between team members and a way to capture it.

The key is to create a model for an ongoing dialogue between team members. This dialogue should be open and honest and step away from the day-to-day tasks and focus on the human elements that are key to all team work.

Ask yourself

Does your culture allow for honest and open communication with your peers?
Are you engaged, motivated and challenged?
Are you contributing as much as you can? Is your team?

Optimise how you work with the

Integrated architecture framework

The Integrated Architecture Framework enables everyone to tell a common story of how your organisation works.

As part of the Succession of Architecture, leaders may now map task information to generate dynamic, interactive role descriptions that enable the handover of roles. In the future, this information will also provide a framework for handing over knowledge and contributing ideas to improve the business.

Ask yourself

How does your organisation work?
Which tasks are each role accountable for performing?
Why is my task important?

Establish effective teams with

Team Dashboards

Effective teams bring people together to work towards a common purpose.

The ADAPT platform enables you to establish a dashboard for each of the teams within your organisation. The dashboard gives you an overview of who is in the team, its purpose and values, the quality of relationships in the team and the current work being done.

Ask yourself

How healthy are the connections in the team?
Are you all working towards your common purpose?
What tasks are the team working on?

Pricing that is tailored to your business

For established companies we are trying to take the focus away from individuals and look at the cost of your entire network. We decided that charging a percentage of your salary expenditure was the fairest way to align the cost with the value we are providing, while also making it affordable to all our customers. If you choose to implement only some of our capabilities, the percentage will vary.

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