Our purpose is to help owners and leaders build resilient businesses.

We believe building an organisation driven by purpose and clear values is critical. Creating an environment centred on high levels of trust, where people feel psychologically safe to bring their whole self to work.

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Our team is made up of founders, coaches, software engineers, and those that work to hold it all together and ensure we provide our customers with the best possible service we can!

The Framework Story

“Our ADAPT journey began in 2013; a vision to support business owners with the many challenges and obstacles they face. We were passionate from the start of viewing businesses as a system and using a data-driven approach to decision making. But we didn’t just want to give owners advice; we wanted a way to make that advice stick. We used our technology background to build a platform to capture data about every aspect of their business; improving transparency and accountability now and into the future.

We released our first version of the platform in 2014. Our method was complex! Over the last six years, we have gone on a journey to refine the ADAPT Way; listening to feedback from our customers and coaches. The ADAPT Framework is the result of our learning.”

– Bill Withers, Founder ADAPT by Design

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