ADAPT provides a proven process to help you build the leadership, culture, systems and habits to be a successful business.

ADAPT was founded from discoveries made building an SME (small to medium enterprise) called acQuire. acQuire was, at its peak, 120 people with seven offices in five countries. Both companies were founded by Bill Withers, a ‘tech entrepreneur’ with a passion for (among many other things) systems thinking and the importance of data-driven decision making.

Over the 22 years that Bill was the owner of acQuire, he encountered the many unique problems that SME businesses face. When he went out to find support to overcome them, he struggled. He found that most business advice in the market was geared towards larger ‘corporate’ organisations and nothing seemed to exist to support the growth and resilience of smaller businesses.

The advice was also disjointed; having a bias towards a specific part of the business without looking at the total system.

80% of people are employed in the SME sector – so why are they so underserved in our community?

So Bill began work to developing these capabilities himself inside acQuire, to such success that in 2018, he sold acQuire to bring these same capabilities to the rest of the SME sector in Australia.

Bill launched ADAPT in 2014 and has spent years working with the team to develop a framework and coach-led program that supports business owners to build solid foundations of a truly resilient business.

Our purpose is to help owners and leaders build resilient businesses.
Our Values


We believe building an organisation driven by purpose and values is critical to resilience. Creating an environment centred on high levels of trust and intrinsic motivation ensures people work together effectively. Values have to be clear and truly reflect the philosophy and aspirations of the owners and leaders. Why create an organisation you don’t want to work in?

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Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of founders, coaches, software engineers, and those that work to hold it all together and ensure we provide our customers with the best possible service we can!

Abby Rohde
Abby Rohde
Amy Hool
Andrew Gregory
Bill Withers
David Stephen
Debbie Millard
Debbie Millard
Dom Sheldrick
Gillian Bester
Grace Watson
Greg Lahaye
Isaac Drew
Julie Broad
Laura Egerton
Martin Gregory
Merinda Smith
Mike Parker
Renae Flegg
Steve Tapley
Suzanne McGrechan
Tadhg MacCarthy
Zoe Finlay-Jones
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