ADAPT by Design can help you build a business that is both resilient and faithful to your purpose and values. We help embed lasting change in your business using a data driven, step-by-step approach.

We have designed a

Robust Method

We guide and support you to build the capability within your business to solve big challenges. Our method covers every aspect of your business – a total systems approach.

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We provide you with

Mentorship & Support

Our ADAPT Practitioners will help integrate what you are currently doing with a systems thinking and succession mindset. They will support you every step of the way.

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We have built a

Cloud-Based Technology

The ADAPT platform enables everyone in your organisation to come on the ADAPT journey and provides the framework and tools to implement each capability.

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ADAPT can help you

Grow Your Business

We provide a framework to build and sustain a healthy culture as you grow your business. We support leaders through organisational change, help them to manage their strategies and connect and align all of their stakeholders.

ADAPT can help you

Build Resilience

We assist leaders to handover roles, knowledge and wisdom so that the organisation lives on beyond them. Succession is not an event in time – it is ongoing.

ADAPT for Teams

Building on the great research of others, our own experience in the building of a software technology company and working with our ADAPT customers, we have developed a solution to help you lead effective and productive teams.

Want to get more of a feel for ADAPT?

We always start by doing a review of where your business is at so we can get a feel for where you want it to be. Complete the online diagnostic and consciously identify where your challenges may be and where you could focus your attention in order to improve your business.