Helping you build a resilient business

ADAPT supports SME owners with a proven process to build the leadership, culture, systems and habits you need to take your vision to reality.

Looking to build the foundations of a resilient business?

Building a successful business is hard work! But it can also be incredibly rewarding. We understand the many challenges that you face as an owner, and we have a proven approach to support you.

The ADAPT Way is a comprehensive process for building a business aligned with your aspirations and personal goals. We combine our method with personalised coaching and our unique data platform to guide you and your leadership team.

We help SME owners


Our network of experienced coaches guide SME owners and leaders to build a solid business foundation; using a proven process and a unique data platform.

Our approach takes your business from a vision to reality. We work closely with you and your leadership team to implement our proven process and provide the data platform to embed the habits, disciplines and accountabilities across your organisation.

The ADAPT approach builds capability in the four key zones of business: healthy culture, organisation design, economic engine and financial security.

We work with you and your team to identify challenges and build the discipline, habits and accountabilities needed to be successful. We help you develop a strategy to achieve your objectives and provide the method you need to support its implementation.

Your Resilient Business Coach

High performing teams need a coach. Your Resilient Business Coach is your trusted guide on the ADAPT journey and remains by your side to discover, diagnose and challenge you and your business.

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Data platform

Our data platform was developed specifically to implement the ADAPT method. It enables your entire team to come on the ADAPT journey and capture the data that you need to keep your strategy on track, align the organisation, and make great decisions.

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Your Resilient Business Coach

Our business coaches have decades of experience working with SME’s on what delivers the most impact on your culture, organisation design, economic engine, finance and ownership. You and your business are guided through the ADAPT method by your dedicated coach, working closely with you to achieve your objectives.

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Sense-making platform

Our coaches work with you using our unique sense-making platform to help you capture all of the knowledge and wisdom held by the people in your organisation. It becomes the ‘core truth’ that aligns everyone to your purpose and vision.  The framework and tools within the platform ensure you achieve your objectives.

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Getting the foundations in place

Whether you have been in business for one year or ten years, you need to have solid foundations in place to allow for successful growth or succession. The ADAPT Way Foundations process focuses on building and embedding the business habits required to ensure your business is successful now and can grow sustainably and allow for your succession in the future.

By implementing the ADAPT Way, you have the support to face the many challenges of owning and running a business.